Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tealicious House, Dunsborough, Western Australia

Three girls were heading to Dunsborough for some R&R, so the high tea inspector checked the internet for tea experiences.  I came across Tealicious House in Dunsborough and the reviews seemed like a spot I would wish to check out.

High tea is $30 per person so I ordered the Devonshire tea and a green sencha tea, hoping the experience would inspire me to come again to partake in the $30 extravaganza.

Unfortunately, the ambience is not for high tea, it is however, fine for coffee and cake.  We sat on a bench seat at a table too large.  The china was uninspiring, a white thick cup and saucer.  As for the two scones they were average and there was only enough jam and cream to eat one.

My fellow travellers enjoyed their mars bar mudcake and coffees.  As I say, fine for coffee and cake.

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