Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sheraton on the Park – Sydney, Australia

High tea on the park

Sitting overlooking a green Hyde Park with autumn leaves falling, and the Archibald Fountain in the background, is a great setting for a High Tea. Sheraton on the Park in central Sydney has taken good advantage of their location to provide a delightful High Tea venue.

Saturday and Sunday are booked well in advance with a comprehensive and exciting smorgasbord of High Tea delights. Monday to Friday is more your traditional High Tea which we enjoyed on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Service is efficient and friendly with no booking required for parties less than 5.

My partner decided on the hot chocolate as his choice of beverage, served piping hot in a chocolate bowl, mine was green tea, but the menu was extensive with all coffees and the various loose leaf tea selections. Champagne was an optional extra.

Our three layer stand was impressive with smoked salmon and prawn open sandwiches on a dark rye bread, dainty egg sandwiches, and rolled spinach and anchovy sandwiches on a light pita bread. The scones were both fruit and plain, lightly warmed and served with heaps of strawberry jam and King Island cream - yum! The top layer of our stand was filled with delicate and delicious treats such as mouth melting chocolate macaroons, mini chocolate eclairs, cheese cake slices and fruit/custard pastries.

At $40 each we thought it was a delightful treat which we both enjoyed.

My only complaint was the china - thick white cups, saucers and plates which didn't compliment the chef's creation of a fine High Tea.

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