Saturday, June 26, 2010

Betty's - York, England

Betty's is a High Tea experience to savour.

There is little in the world to rival the quintessential charm that is (Big) Betty's in York. From the stained glass, to the starchy waitress uniforms, its enough to make you check if Messrs Knightley, Darcy or Tilney might be nearby.

My Mum and I elected Earl Grey, from a pleasing variety of favourites, plus a vanilla slice and ginger tea cake for good measure. It was all perfectly delicious and nutritious, and exactly the portion required for rational happiness.

The place was very busy, on account of the place being so exceedingly good, but the staff were perfectly attentive- I really couldn't fault the place at all. Just the ticket after a spot of shopping at what appeared to be the Cath Kidston flagship store.

The experience, after a long bus ride, was the perfect finishing touch to our visit to York. Two thumbs up.

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