Monday, June 28, 2010

Sally Lunn's, Bath, England

Now for the tea of our host
Now for the rollicking bun,
Now for the muffin and toast,
Now for the gay Sally Lunn!
- The Sorcerer By W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

My daughter and I were only at Sally Lunn's for a short time but it has had a lasting impression on us both.

Where do you start when Sally Lunn's has been referred to by W S Gilbert, visited by Jane Austen and now the High Tea Inspectors?

We were extremely lucky to get a table as the place was packed. We followed the waitress to the third floor in what seemed like an endless maze of rooms and staircases. After ordering the Sally Lunn bun and house tea we enjoyed the memorabilia displayed on the walls. Not knowing what to expect, the famous bun was delightful. A dessert plate size delicious bun served with raspberry jam and clotted cream and eaten with a knife and fork.

For such a extremely busy establishment the service was prompt and pleasant. A most memorable time in wonderful Bath.


  1. Those words were written by W. S. Gilbert, not Shakespeare... If Sally Lunn's was opened in 1680, Shakespeare would have already been dead 64 years...

  2. Hi Roseland,
    I am delighted that you have read my blog and corrected the quote I credited to Shakespeare. Originally I was looking for a William Shakespeare quote referring to tea and found this on
    That will teach me to google with caution!
    I do thank you for your comments, best wishes, M.O.T.P.